ALYANAKIAN AVOCATS regularly assists in building and implementing pre-litigation strategies, hence enabling clients to optimize their position in the near Future.

When occasion is given to the firm to provide a priori assistance in a possibly contentious situation (e.g. before reception or distribution of any formal notices from either parties), ALYANAKIAN AVOCATS ensures it identifies a strong and sustainable position for its client.

The capacity to define a good pre-litigious strategy and the care taken to implement it stem from know-how developed with time, which has proved to be successful in the long run, as ALYANAKIAN AVOCATS has observed, for instance in the following fields:

  • shareholder disputes;
  • risk of breach of employment or company officers contracts;
  • business crime litigation;
  • performance of commercial and administrative contracts;
  • unfair competition practices;
  • etc.

This method requires close collaboration between ALYANAKIAN AVOCATS and its clients; but it systematically strengthens their position in the wake of negotiations or possible litigation.

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