Corporate law - Governance - Corporate directors

In corporate law, a lawyer is required to accompany their clients through their projects, helping them make decisions and providing them with all the creativity and security necessary through the most efficient legal skills.

ALYANAKIAN AVOCATS has gained experience as counsel to executive management of companies with strong entrepreneurship orientations, for example:

  • reorganising share capital by engaging in classic mergers and acquisitions or by selling a stake in it to an investor through a fund raising operation;
  • using legal provisions to structure the functional and financial rise of key employees to ensure a company’s durability or preparing the succession of its founder;
  • protecting intellectual property, know-how and business of a company by negotiating a technology sharing agreement with a partner or competitor or by reviewing contracts of key employees;
  • defining the means and ways of fair competition practices between two innovative companies;
  • securing commercial contracts by drafting model contracts or assisting in contract negotiation;
  • etc.
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