About us

Our values

Our lawyers and working methods are governed by the following values:


In addition to advanced legal diplomas, the firm’s lawyers have gained extensive experience through which they were able to test and confirm their liking for numbers and the inherent necessity for meticulous work. Stringency is fundamental in ensuring the quality of services rendered by the firm.


Other than technical expertise, the main strength of the lawyers at ALYANAKIAN AVOCATS lies in their belief in successful outcomes for their clients’. This kind of determination is an important element in achieving successful outcomes in difficult cases.


Independence entails, for instance, loyally defending the interests of the founder of a given client company, when an investor buys a stake in his company and eventually controls it. It also means being able to choose a foreign correspondent or partner specialising in a given field depending on a given case, rather than on grounds of mutual dependence.
Independence is a principal component of the Lawyer’s Oath.

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