About us

Our identity


  • to provide its clients with legal, judicial and negotiated solutions that are “tailored” to their objectives and values
  • to offer them all the security and added value that the law can allow, by making the latter an asset.

ALYANAKIAN AVOCATS’ activities are driven by a keen sense of anticipation, determination to overcome challenges and a quest for excellence.

The human size of the firm, the team spirit and an excellent internal communication are indicators of the firm’s commitment to handle cases responsibly and efficiently.

ALYANAKIAN AVOCATS’ expertise bears particularly on corporate law, commercial law, business crime and employment law.

ALYANAKIAN AVOCATS actively seeks assistance from external legal experts for client cases involving other legal fields, in order to guarantee quality services.

All these principles provide the firm with a large capacity to adapt individually and technically, making it possible for them to naturally opt for personalised solutions and, if it comes to it, overall solutions.

ALYANAKIAN AVOCATS has succeeded in building a trust-based relationship with all its clients, solely based on the successful outcomes of cases handled.

The firm’s clientele is mainly composed of businesses or groups driven by an entrepreneurship culture, shareholders, company managers, as well as high profile executives.

Part of the firm’s clients is of foreign origin (USA, UK, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Egypt, etc.)

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