About us

Our approach

The firm’s lawyers are all university graduates with a track record demonstrating their advanced academic achievements as well as their capacity to overcome obstacles.

ALYANAKIAN AVOCATS provides services that are respectful of the most thorough methods established by management boards, and the dynamism and flexibility of a start-up company.

The firm’s lawyers assist clients for counsel and litigation in all their fields of expertise:

  • the firm draws upon its depth of experience to advise clients while keeping sight of litigation risks, hence enabling them to give practical advice for prudent decision making ;
  • the firm defends its clients based on successful legal processes applied during previous counselling activities.

As clients generally prefer to spend their time on their businesses rather than on the law, ALYANAKIAN AVOCATS adopts a pragmatic approach by ensuring it includes clients in all major decisions involving their cases. The firm ensures that its overseas clients are kept informed on the evolution of their cases, and in English in most cases.

To ensure consistency of the strong practice, ALYANAKIAN AVOCATS heavily invests in legal documents and databases each year, hence enabling it to always keep afloat of legislative, relative case law and doctrinal changes.

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